Hose Product Selection

 We stock an extensive range of hose products, all available - off-the-shelf - in a selection of sizes and materials including Rubber, PVC, Nylon, PTFE & Silicone.

Unique properties, often sought after in hose, include resistance to a range of materials; including water, oil, chemicals and gases. Let us know what your hose is going to be used for and we'll ensure that we offer specialist advice and guidance, and that your order is perfectly fit for your desired purpose.

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Rubber Hoses: 

  • Oil, Air & Water Suction & Delivery Hose

  • Petrol and Oil Hose

  • Marine Fuel Hose

  • Radiator Hose & Bends

  • Silicone Rad Hose & Bends

  • Heater Hose

  • Steam Hose

  • Brewers Hose

  • Garage Exhaust Hose

  • Braided Fuel Hose

  • Air Hose

  • LPG Hose

  • Oxy / Acetylene Hose

  • Red & Black Bunsen Burner Hose

We also offer a range of fittings, guns and hose reels. If you'd like further detail on these, please get in touch with your requirements.

Hoses are normally reinforced products. Hoses without reinforcement are often known as 'tube'. 

See our  Tubing Products page for more information available tube products, including Rubber, Nylon, PVC and PTFE.

PVC Hoses:

  • Clear PVC 

  • Polyester Reinforced PVC

  •  Black / Blue / Red / White Braided PVC 

  • Wire Reinforced PVC 

  • Food Quality PVC

  •  Water Delivery

  •  Washdown Hose 

  • Contractors Hose

  •  Stone Hose 

  • Green Tint 

  • Water Delivery Hose 

  • Medium Duty Suction Hose 

  • Sanitation Hose 

  • Extra Flexible Suction Hose 

  • Air Coils 

  • Blue & Yellow Layflat Hose 

  • Air Hose 

  • Tricoflex Arrouseur Hose 

  • Asperix Hose 

  • Aquavend Hose 

  • Aquafit Hose 

  • Garden Hose 

  • Oregon Hose

We Stock a Selection of Hose Products Available Off-the-Shelf

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