Electrical British Standard Fine Ribbed 15Kv Matting

Electrical British Standard Fine Ribbed 15Kv Matting. Fine ribbed rubber matting to 15,000v is a high quality matting with the regulation standard, stamped on the reverse of the roll at 1000mm intervals. BS921 standard.

Fully certified and tested to 15,000 volts with a recommended safety working voltage of 650v. It has a fine ribbed, anti-slip surface pattern on one side and a cloth impression finish on the reverse.

Thickness (mm)

Roll Width (m)

Roll Length (m)


Weight (Kg/M2)

Lead Time






5 Days

Fully tested to specification: Health & safety regulation material. Fully traceable supply. Regulatory branding on reverse every 1000mm. Ensures safety for operatives at lower voltage switchboard and high equipment areas. Anti-slip finish. Low maintenance.

Colour - black

Polymer - sbr/nr

Tested to 15,000 volts

Working voltage 650v

Density (s.g) - 1.5

Hardness shore (± 5) -70

Tensile strength (kg/ cm) -40

Abrasion resistance (mm3) - 180

Elongation at break (%) - 200

Minimum temperature - -20

Maximum temperature -+70