Thread sealing tape made of 100% polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE); a unique sealing product.

PTFE is a non-flammable thread sealing tape, meeting EN751-GRPL and WRAS approvals. resistant to all aides, alkalis and solvents. Oil free and suitable for use with oxygen and potable water.

Lead Time: 1-2 Days

Length: Roll Size 12mm wide x 12m long, available individually.

Categories: PTFE, markets, agriculture, plumbing & heating, specialised products

Adhesion: extremely low surface energy thus providing excellent anti-stick, non-wetting contact surfaces.

Atmospheric: transparent to UV light and extremely resistant to oxidation, surface

Ageing: fouling, discoloration and embrittlement.

Bio-degradation: the product is resistant to enzymatic and micro biological attack, and does not contain any additives that could provide a substrate for fungal or bacterial growth.

Heat: depending on types and applications service temperatures can go up to 260oc

Cold: remains stable and completely functional down to cryogenic temperatures.

Contamination: the tape is chemically inert and pure and has no effect on process fluids.

Corrosion: resists the most aggressive organic and inorganic chemicals and solvents.

Humidity: extremely hydrophobic and completely resistant to hydrolysis.

Friction: the product has the lowest co-efficient of friction of any material in existence.

Mechanical: stress excellent fatigue resistance in applications involving flexing or vibration.

Long service: excellent resistance to ageing at high temperatures and in the presence of oils, solvents and oxidising agents among others as no leaching or degradable stabilising agents are involved this is a big safety factor when designing for longevity.